This document outlines Momentum's plan to win the 2019 general election for Labour. There's lots of important information you need to know, so please keep reading to the end!

This is it.

The next six weeks are the most important weeks of our lives. After years of hard work knocking on doors, phone banking and campaigning - it all comes down to this. It’s either socialism with Jeremy Corbyn, or disaster capitalism with Boris Johnson - and now it's down to us. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform our country, but we face the very real and terrible possibility that Johnson will destroy it. It's him or us, and this is our chance to change the course of history. We can only do it together.

At the last election in 2017, we knocked on over a million doors and made hundreds of thousands of phone calls to voters in marginal constituencies across the country. We swung key constituencies for Labour, and deprived Theresa May of her majority in parliament. Our people-powered campaign was unprecedented, and we caused the biggest electoral upset in British modern history. We defied the media, the money, the polls, and all expectations. Now we need to do it again - and this time we need to win.

The Tories are raking in tens of millions from hedge funds and bankers - but we can beat them with people power. You are Labour’s secret weapon - and we need you to step up and go big. We need every single one of us to get out on the doorstep, organise local events and make big sacrifices to win. This is the chance of a lifetime, and we need you to give all you can. Here’s how we’re going to win.

Step up.

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What we'll do.

  • Launch 'My Campaign Map'. In 2017 we launched a digital map to help activists find their nearest marginal seats. This election we’ll be relaunching an upgraded map to help you find the marginal seat that needs you most. Alongside canvassing sessions, the map will host phone bank parties, street stalls, campaign HQs, rallies, socials and campus events, and you will be able to upload your own events. We'll also send you event RSVPs and the contact details of attendees so you can plan local events more effectively, as well as promote local canvassing groups on Facebook and WhatsApp. 
  • Run phone bank parties. In the last election most campaigning was directed through CLPs, with a small amount of self-organised action happening through networks on social media. This election we will provide you with resources, training and promotion so you are able to organise your own events. The main event we'll be encouraging those outside of marginals to organise will be phone bank parties, where you can meet up and call voters in marginals using Labour's calling app.
  • Register thousands to vote. When lots of people turn out to vote, the Tories don't do well at the polls. In this election we'll be running a huge voter registration campaign, including launching, offering one-on-one support to help you organise your own local voter registration events, targeting thousands of people in marginals with Facebook advertising, and flooding marginal constituencies with flyers, posters and stickers.
  • Reach millions with viral videos. In 2017 we managed to reach one in three Facebook users with our video content with three video staff. At this election we plan to scale up our video operation, including hiring more staff, launching a viral video response unit to reach millions in marginal constituencies, and ramping up Facebook advertising to target specific messages at voters in key marginals. We'll also be launching 'Videos for the Many' - a network to support you and hundreds of others create your own viral video content.
  • Build online volunteer teams. Those of you with caring responsibilities, disabilities or long work schedules often can't get out on the doorstep. This election Momentum will set up online volunteer teams so you can work with others to help fulfil core campaign functions. We've already set up a research, data entry and calling team, with a texting and clipping team scheduled to be launched in the first week of the campaign. 
  • Launch digital and creative networks. Last election independent digital and creative projects made a large media impact and a potentially significant electoral impact. This election we're going to launch digital and creative networks and organise designers, developers and creatives to build and amplify independent digital and creative projects that will help Labour win.
  • Build a Digital Army. Setting the agenda on social media is a key part of setting the news agenda. We've created a Digital Army with thousands of you so together we can use our social media accounts to amplify key content and make big political moments go viral.
  • Train thousands of activists. Canvassing training for new activists was a big thing for Momentum at the last election. This time we’ll scale up our training network and offer online training so we can get more of you campaigning than ever before. We’ll also create educational resources and talking points around the manifesto to give you more confidence in having persuasive conversations on the doorstep.
  • Run campus tours. Students had a huge impact in the last election in marginals such as Canterbury. This election we'll support and work closely with youth groups, run mobilising events on university campuses and further education colleges and register young voters in marginal constituencies. 
  • Recruit core activists. This election we want you to step up and contribute large amounts of time to the campaign. We'll be running a campaign to recruit those of you who can give at least a week to the campaign full time and then support you to make the largest impact, either volunteering with Momentum, the party or in a marginal. 
  • Publish an open strategy. Over the election we’ll regularly update you about our campaign strategy, how the campaign is going and new campaigning priorities. We'll be doing this by sending you briefings via email, running weekly public conference calls and updating our plan to win.

What you need to do right now.

If we're going to win this election, we need to get going right away. There are three things we need you to do right now.

Step 1.

Sign up to our email list. In order to help you campaign most effectively throughout the election period, we need you to sign up to our email list. If you aren't already, sign up to our email list now.

Book time off work. This election, we need you to step up and commit significant amounts of time to campaigning. This means booking as much time as you can off work between now and polling day. We'll have a big announcement about how this is going to work soon, but for now make sure you've booked as much time off as possible - particularly in the last two weeks before polling day, when campaigning is most important.

Step 2.

This is the most important election of a generation, and we have a huge opportunity to transform this country. We have a plan to win - but can't do it without you.

Watch our strategy call on the plan to win, ft. Jeremy Corbyn and Ash Sarkar 

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